Pretty Girl With Sad Eyes

I wish it would go away, the trembling of my nerves when I wake up and her face is the first thing on my mind.

I remember those days when I first met her.

She was a gem. A Rose amongst Dandelions. 

Little did I know her thorns were razor sharp.

I’d’ve seen them had I not been blinded by her smile, luminous in its deceit. 

The kind of smile that hides her sad eyes.

The eyes that have watched her heart break a thousand times. 

The eyes have watched her hands build a wall so massive Mongols couldn’t get through.

I tried to bring it down but I couldn’t. 

I tried to bring love to her doorstep. Tried to help her feel again, but I failed.

She’ll be hiding behind that wall, like her eyes behind that smile.

Forgetting what it feels like to let someone in.




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