This past Thursday was a day for the ages. From sunrise til bedtime it was a day full of greatness. After work I headed on down to  The Bowery Ballroom for a much anticipated show by My Brightest Diamond and Brooklyn native Doe Paoro . Needless to say it was a spectacular evening.
Doe Paoro walked on stage and my eyes lit up, could it have been love at first sight?, quite possibly, but anyway, she started things with “Nostalgia” and the crowd was feeling it. When Born Whole came on I was sucked into her soulful voice. I would compare her to Adele or even the late great Amy Winehouse. Either way she’s sure to become more known very soon.
During an intermission by all-women drumming band, Batala, My Brightest Diamond snuck on stage to bless our ear drums with Pressure.
Don’t exactly know how I can describe the kind of performance Shara delivered so I’ll just say she’s a force to be reckoned with. This was the kind of performance where you really don’t wanna go home. The kind where you just wish the artist were a robot so they could stay on that stage until you had to go to work and then you’d just quit your job so you can watch the stage forever. There was never a dull moment during this hour of perfect harmony. She sent us home with a cover of Elvis’ “Fever”. For sure all of us in the audience caught the fever.


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