I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier lately but when you’re pressed for time, and money, that can be almost seemingly impossible. You either spend time and put in the effort to cook something or just cough up a few dollars and get some fast food. The latter almost always wins but today I forced myself to take the time to put something together so I went on down to Trader Joe’s and picked up a couple things.

First thing’s first, I had to bolt on down to the almond butter section before the middle-aged white ladies completely ransacked the place cause they don’t fuck around when it comes to their almond butter. Next I found this interesting loaf of bread. The word “Flourless” instantly caught my eye so I had to try.

At just 80 calories and 5 grams of protein per slice this is probably one of the better whole wheat breads I’ve come across and tastes much better. Can’t tell you what “sprouted” and “flourless” means on a nutritional level cause I have no clue but it sounds healthy. Also at TJ’s is the purest bottled cranberry juice I’ve ever had, this stuff is TART. If you need to detox, drink a couple of these and your kidneys will be happy. 20140722-201006-72606012.jpg

So after a stop at a local street fruit vendor I headed home to make lunch. Already had some tuna prepared with very light mayo, celery and “craisins” so half the job was done. Next I sliced up half an avocado, added some spinach and spread a small amount of honey mustard on the bread and voila, a “Tunacadowich”.

Alongside the sandwich in the lovely Modelo glass is a strawberry, mango, banana, avocado, raspberry yogurt and cranberry juice smoothie. No sugar necessary.



  1. This post made me laugh for so many reasons. Try the sunflower butter if the middle-aged white ladies have ransacked the almond butter shelf…

    I drink juice/smoothies out of beer glasses too…they are the largest glasses I own.

    • The bigger the glass the bigger the taste, I always say. Plus it’s more fun. And I’ll try that sunflower seed butter 🙂

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