What is Netflix even good for?

Inward Movement

I’m gonna go on a lam here and assume that like the majority of us you’ve spent an immeasurable amount of time browsing through Netflix’s ridiculously low budget catalog, seconds away from beaming your remote at the television and canceling your membership right then and there. If it’s not shitty movies it’s old ass movies. Now I love a classic movie as much as the next person but we’ve already seen it and in my opinion 90% of the “cult classic” and “iconic” films on Netflix aren’t the ones I feel like watching more than a couple times in my life (American Psycho being one of the very few on Netflix with that kind of replay value). So I keep browsing and browsing away when I realize “what am I doing? Indie films is where the gold is”. Yes within the heaps of nonsense on Netflix there are no…

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