This past Friday was probably one of the best Fridays I’ve ever had. Let’s Re-cap:


Started the day nice and early with a 3 mile run along riverside. Always love this great view along the Hudson.


After that refreshing jog I headed home, made breakfast, and had myself a “special cookie”, needless to say my day got even better in about an hour. After deciding on some clothes I set off to go watch a movie.


Being one of my favorite novels of all time this was a no-brainer. Novel to movie adaptations aren’t always great but this one stayed true to the story. Zero complaints. The Fault In Our Stars
And as if the movie wasn’t good enough…



Naturally I wasn’t about to empty out my life savings and take out a bank loan just to have a meal at the theater so after the movie I was STARVING. There are few things that go together as well as burritos and tequila so I made my way on to the nearest Blockheads for a huge passion fruit margarita and a burrito. The fact I was still “under the influence” of that cookie just made that burrito taste like it was made by someone’s fresh-from-Tijuana grandmother.


After a much needed nap it was time to make dinner. A big hefty piece of tuna with some mixed baby greens did the job.

After dinner comes dessert so a pint of Talenti gelato was more than appropriate. I was still high at this point so all that came from Jesus’ kitchen.


After all that it was time to go meet up with my brother PAKA and others for a night of board games, beer and Jack Daniels. The festivities continued til about 4 AM at which point I took a cab home, pretty sure he gypped me but I was too drunk to care, all I wanted was sleep.


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