Crossfit & Philosophy!!! Memorial Weekend Style – Being a Patriot (Marcus Luttrell)

“Service is selflessness–the opposite of the lifestyle that we see so much of in America today.

The things that entertain us don’t often lift us up, or show us as the people we can rise up to become. 

These men of the special forces have had other optinos in their lives, other paths, easier paths they could have taken.

But they took the hardest path, that narrow causeway that is not for the sunshine patriot.

They took the one for the supreme patriot, the one that may require them to lay down their lives for the United States of America.

The one that is suitable only for those who want to serve their country so bad, nothing else matters.

I will never quit.

My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies.

If knocked down i will get back up, every time.

I will draw…

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