What is Netflix even good for?

I’m gonna go on a lam here and assume that like the majority of us you’ve spent an immeasurable amount of time browsing through Netflix’s ridiculously low budget catalog, seconds away from beaming your remote at the television and canceling your membership right then and there. If it’s not shitty movies it’s old ass movies. Now I love a classic movie as much as the next person but we’ve already seen it and in my opinion 90% of the “cult classic” and “iconic” films on Netflix aren’t the ones I feel like watching more than a couple times in my life (American Psycho being one of the very few on Netflix with that kind of replay value). So I keep browsing and browsing away when I realize “what am I doing? Indie films is where the gold is”. Yes within the heaps of nonsense on Netflix there are no better films than the Independent films available.

I’m a fan of the dark comedies, tragic dramas and “soul-searching adventures” a la “Into The Wild” and today I came across a few gems.

The first of three was “The Virgin Suicides” starring a young Kirsten Dunst, based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides. The story centers around a family of 5 sisters and their deeply religious parents. Their parents, strict and paranoid about their girls’ well-being, keep them cooped up indoors for the majority of their lives, cause obviously if they’re allowed to step outside they’re gonna do drugs and get pregnant. Their parents bar them from most school activities and forbid them to have any kind of social life under the guise that “they get enough love and attention at home”. As you can imagine the girls are desperate for some freedom. The film really gives insight to the needs of the average teenager and the inner turmoils they go through. It’s a film we can all relate to at some point for we were all teenagers and went through similar struggles with our parents. Overall it’s a great film and is worth the watch.

I quickly needed some relief from the emotional strain I just experienced so I searched for a comedy to flex my facial structure a bit and came across “How To Be A Man”. Listen to me when I say that Gavin McInnes delivers a performance that is surely to leave your diaphragm kneeling over in pain from all the laughter. In one scene, perhaps one of the greatest comedic pieces I’ve ever experienced, his character, Mark McCarthy, instructs Bryan (Liam Aiken) on the art of “Cunnilingus”. His speech was truly inspiring and surprisingly educational but most importantly absolutely hysterical. The entire film from start to finish is nonstop jokes. MUST-SEE.

Now the last film I watched truly hit home. I grew up with a single mother. I watched her struggle to make ends meet at home and make sacrifices I don’t think a weak person could ever make just to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. “About Sunny”, starring Lauren Ambrose and Audrey P. Scott is your textbook tear-jerking, heart-warming drama. Faced with the stresses of a dead-end job and shitty pay, Angela must find ways to get through every day without missing a meal and getting her bills paid. Ultimately she’s presented with an opportunity and must make a decision reminiscent of “Sophie’s Choice”. Anyone who’s grown up in a single parent or low income home can understand first hand the pain and the stress that is constantly looming within the household. This film is a real eye-opener and gets you contemplating on what it is you put the most value on and where you are investing your time and finances. It can inspire and also teach someone a thing or two about responsibilities and the importance of preparing for the future.

So next time you’re at home cuddling with your boo or at work (like me right now) and want to jump on Netflix just go straight to the Independent films as they are surely to never disappoint.



  1. Yes! What you say about indies is so true. The Virgin Suicides is a fav of mine, actually just re-watched on Netflix. Will definitely check out the others. Some other awesome ones…Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus (hilarious), Frances Ha (romantic & satire on nyc hipster), Short Term 12 (teary, heart-breaking), and Slacker (if you want something old school, non-linear, experimental).

  2. I was iffy about the Virgin Suicides not wanting to give it the benefit of the doubt but now you’ve got me interested. I always say Netflix should give us a preview option. The 2 sentence descriptions we get just don’t do anything for me.

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