Independence is not always Happiness


– “The Brothers Karamazov

What is it that would save our modern day society from its impending doom? Dostoevsky offers us a solution, a hundred years ago, social solidarity. Man’s inherently greedy nature continues to be its downfall. Today’s world is every man for himself, but how can we turn things around? How do you convince someone that their isolation is hurting everyone else when they see materialistic gain as success and their only purpose in life? The sad truth is many simply do not care what happens to the rest of society as long as they have what they want. Maybe we’ve reached a point where it’s too late to turn around and establish the solidarity Dostoevsky mentions.

“Unnaturally they are separated”

Humans by nature are creatures who seek one another for mutual gain. Cities weren’t built by one man, likewise they are not destroyed by one man. There remains hope that somehow the idea of unification will flourish and mankind will prosper how it was intended to, together.


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  1. Acts of gratitude can spread like wild fire. I wonder what emblem is on the “banner flying.” But for some reason, reading those above lines make me think of what Nietzsche says (as opposed to Dostoyevsky) in “On Truth and Lie in an Extra Moral Sense”… he thinks that out of “need and boredom” we often join the “herd”…

    When he does this in a self-serving way damaging to others, then society will no longer trust him but exclude him. Thereby men do not flee from being deceived as much as from being damaged by deception: what they hate at this stage is basically not the deception but the bad, hostile consequences of certain kinds of deceptions. In a similarly limited way man wants the truth: he desires the agreeable life-preserving consequences of truth, but he is indifferent to pure knowledge, which has no consequences; he is even hostile to possibly damaging and destructive truths. And, moreover, what about these conventions of language? Are they really the products of knowledge, of the sense of truth? Do the designations and the things coincide? Is language the adequate expression of all realities?

    Only through forgetfulness can man ever achieve the illusion of possessing a “truth” in the sense just designated.



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