Here we have a young woman, searching. Her innocence was pulled away at an early age. Demons came along and ate her head and replaced the contents with crumbs of false hope, love and care just to have a taste of her most precious possession. A meal that would last only a few minutes left a scar that she would wear the rest of her life. Blame this atrocious act for the walls she hides behind. Blame the men who came along and made her lose faith, made her forget that happiness exists. She’ll learn to be happy without a man, but that emptiness will still be there, longing for fulfillment. As she searches and searches she falls into the wrong hands. Women who, just like her, are empty, vacuous, pregnant with space, longing for inner peace. They, who resort to physical attraction, thinking their bodies will pull in someone to fill the void, are unaware that their minds speak a thousand times louder and resonate twice as far. Influenced, she now uses her body, and the demons return. One after the other, she thinks she’s getting somewhere, only to be devoured and left to rot again and again. Now the world looks at her and she’s deplorable, despicable, disgusting, a disgrace to respectable women, but nobody knows what she’s been through. Nobody is aware of the journey she’s on, this search for love that has eaten away at her soul. This path that has left her devoid of feeling, confused. At this point she wouldn’t know what’s real if it punched her in the face. And it’s not her fault, without guidance life has chewed her up and spit her out. Many have been inside, but she’s still empty. The void is still there, she’s still longing and now also numb. She just wants to feel.


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