Empty shells walk amongst you. You find yourself poking around, looking for some substance. Like those chocolate Easter bunnies, you bite into a person expecting them to be full of the same enticing sweetness that’s on the outside only to find out they’re hollow. You spend your days looking for your equal. The one who’s at the same level as you, or above it. You crave a challenge. You thirst for that intellectual step upwards. You desire that mental stimulant, the one whom makes you feel inferior. When your mind is full of deep thoughts and ideas it is torturous to know you have no acquaintance that will appreciate these thoughts. Nobody that is interested in indulging on the contents of your mind. It begins to get lonely. You know you’re not the smartest person in the world, but that’s the frustrating part. Where are the others? “Patience”, I tell myself, but I’m uneasy, restless, vehement. All the life around me, yet just as much vacuity. You often times dumb yourself down for those around and it tugs at the very fibers that make up whom you really are inside. Contain the hungry beast that lurks within. “They won’t understand” echoes throughout your mind. At some point or another you lose yourself, if for a split second, and that pain resonates around your entire body, tugging away at your dignity. Just remember, my friend, Fate will rear its heads eventually. Don’t fret, you’ll be at peace some day.


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